Student-Led Training Class

How to sign up for a Student-Led Training Class (SLT):

Find the course you're interested in below, click on it, you will see "Click here to Purchase the Self-led class" click on that button, it will bring you to a page where you can input your credit/check card information to complete your purchase and registration.

Once registered, we will contact you and schedule your class. You can always reach us with questions at [email protected] or by calling us at 888-667-2621.

Please note: All Classes, SLT and ILT, are offered as Online classes only, unless otherwise arranged.

Quest Training Classes Available

Quest Product Family ILT Days SLT Days

* Pre-requisite class required, please review course syllabi for guidance.

What type of classes are these?
These classes predominantly are created for the consultant in the field or the administrator that wants to know how to install, configure, and, or use the product in the most efficient manner possible.

Quest Partners and Certification
For our partners with an active partner portal login, when you take one of these certification classes we will email your grades and will update your partner profile to show your achievements for future reference.
Clients, or non-Quest partners are welcome to take our training but certifications fall under Quest partner programs and are not currently available to non-partners.

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